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Have you "tried everything" to get your man to change -- including nagging, withholding, and some other things you aren't proud of? 

Does his inaction hold all the power in the relationship -- and wonder if its too late to be equal partners again?

Do you feel like the only answer is a new man -- but you feel this pattern will repeat itself?

Are you tired of feeling frustrated and unseen in your relationship?

Bring the love back


Bring the Love Back
Stop Waiting On Him To Change!

"When I'm stuck, I go back to the tools. It is embodied in my life. It's automatic."

~ Daisy, Nevada

"I didn't expect to save my marriage.
I didn't expect to learn communication."

  • Do you feel your partner is distant, less engaged, or uninterested in your needs?

  • Do you find yourself constantly having to lead and  make decisions -- and feel overwhelmed and unsupported?

  • Do you wonder why your partner no longer adores you like he did before?

  • Do you feel unseen by your man and use criticism to "wake him up"?  (But get the same results?)

  • Do you find yourself frustrated and waiting for your man to take the initiative -- or wonder why he stopped?

  • Are you doubting that you'll ever trust a man again?

  • Do you withhold appreciation, admiration, or sex from your man while waiting for him to change?

  • Have you given up hope that there are good men left in the world?

Will Sakredrespect work for ME?

If you answer YES to one or more of these common relationship issues, then SakredRespect is for you:

STOP waiting on him!
Empower yourself through SakredRespect

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"And his reaction to one of the challenges simply IGNITED me!"

~ Lindsey, Florida

"My husband went OVERBOARD showing his appreciation."

stop repeating the BIGGEST SINGLE Relationship killer

What is the #1 reason men leave a relationship?

It's not about sex, money, or household chores.

They simply don't feel appreciated or respected by their partner.

Shocking, I know!  But after learning the truth about what men truly want -- and how we've been trained as women to act completely differently -- I saw an IMMEDIATE transformation in my clients' relationships -- and my own!

Yet so many women don't realize the ways they disrespect, emasculate, and harm men -- even when they are focused on showing him the LOVE and ADORATION they desire themselves!

Why? There are two main reasons:

First, we've been taught as women to be independent, strong, and self-reliant.  Maybe you were taught to 'never need a man' by your mother, aunt, or your own past experiences.

But instead of leaving us fulfilled and getting what YOU need in your relationship, this approach leaves us distrustful of the masculine -- in our partner, other men, and even ourselves!

Second, men speak a different language then us!  While we crave to hear and feel love and connection, men crave to feel respected and needed.  And if they don't feel respect and need from you, they will seek out a job, hobby, or woman who does.  (This includes their mother!)

In SakredRespect, you'll learn to speak the language of respect -- in a way that empowers you -- and encourages him to lead, connect, and love you more!



After a long history of emasculating men and wondering why I was successful in business but not in love, I studied hundreds of men worldwide and discovered what women do that inspires them and what also leaves them defeated.

The Art of SakredRespect was born, and I experienced massive shifts in my relationship with my partner AND my son, father, and men in business!

Based on the proven SakredShe method, you will be guided on a simple (and FUN), straight-forward 30-day transformative journey that mends, inspires, and empowers your relationships with men.

You will begin to receive the love, strength, adoration, and leadership you truly crave.

The Art of SakredRespect enables women to be strong, vibrant, and powerful in their personal relationships while appreciating the unique qualities and strengths men bring to the world.

YES, it is possible to respect men even if you think they do not deserve it!

This isn't about giving up your feminine power, but rather cultivating the love and connection you desire by speaking the language men best understand – and enhancing every interaction and relationship as a result.

It's me,

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  • Inadvertently destroying your partner's love and adoration, causing him to run, shutdown, or stonewall instead of connecting with you.

  • Forcing yourself to "become the man" in the relationship -- leaving you feeling unappreciated, dried-up, and tired.

  • Expressing contempt and disapproval through your body language -- even when you really want to improve the relationship.

  • Disempowering the men in your life, including your sons, leading them to become passive, complacent, and waiting for you to lead.

  • Losing your radiance and vibrancy instead of feeling light, empowered, and cared for by your man.

  • Neglecting your #1 asset as a woman that effortlessly attracts abundance in joy, love, and vitality in your life!

In The Art of SakredRespect, you will discover where you are: 

Transform Your Relationship With Men NOW! 

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SakredRespect Includes:

Learn the three main reasons men close their hearts, what respect means to a man's nervous system, how to get what you most desire in your relationship, and how your past interactions with men have led to subconscious patterns impacting your relationships with men TODAY!

Exclusive video
& Audio teachings

Thirty fun, innovative, and effective ways to show respect to the men in your life -- invoking their natural desire to provide and protect -- and returning the love and connection you so deeply desire.

30 Days of
SakredRespect Practices

A breathwork session designed especially for women in SakredRespect to allow you to shift faster and easier than ever before.

Breathwork Sessions

Meditations designed to clear past patterns, make the  unconscious known, and create space for a new way of relating!

Clearing Meditations

Worksheets to guide you every step of the way, and a journal to capture your progress -- and share in your celebrations!

A SakredRespect Workbook

This process, based on the SakredShe Method, allows you to clear any past misunderstandings with the men closest to you - including your partner, father, brother, and sons.

Masculine Reconciliation 

"Every small moment with my husband shifted AND SakredRespect helped me communicate better with my teenage son too!"

- Kelsey, Florida

"SakredRespect shifted the burden I felt working at home with my husband into passionate magnetization!"

Through SakredRespect, you will learn a new language to empower and champion the noble qualities men embody -- and reset your relationship with the masculine everywhere -- including your own!

Whether the boardroom, the bedroom, or the classroom (and everywhere in between), it's time to stop waiting on men and empower ourselves to receive the relationship we desire!

Learn what your man CRAVES from you.

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Take the first step:

Reclaim Your
Relationship Now!

Join SakredRespect today and take the first step to resetting and restarting your relationship in 30 days or less!

Through the SakredShe Method, Sandy Sembler has guided thousands of powerful women to increased love, passion, and connection with the men in their lives.

Get ready to:

  • Experience increased connection, leadership, and adoration from men.
  • Enjoy more passion, understanding, and communication with your partner.
  • Discover how your empowerment will inspire men, rather than disempower them.
  • Feel seen, cherished, and adored by the men in your life.

With SakredRespect, you'll learn to channel your feminine strength, foster men's leadership, and become enchanted by the world around you!

Join the movement today and begin your journey to the relationship you've desired your entire life.


Your 30-day Journey to Reset Your Relationship is Only $111!

Respect. Love. Repeat.

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