Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
The Sisterhood

Q: When does The Sisterhood begin?

A: The Sisterhood begins the moment you join! You gain immediate access to monthly office hours and movement classes, course materials, and assignments to start your journey. Make your deposit, we meet, you enroll, and your journey begins.

Q: How quickly can I see changes?

A: I love this one! While I know how quickly this work made changes in my life, I think it’s even more powerful to hear from the women who have tried years of personal development, counseling, or more -- and saw both immediate and ongoing changes in their life.

Feel free to ask any of the sisters on this call, or watch the testimonials when you reserve your seat to hear more stories of how quickly this will begin to work in your life!

>> Click here to hear what Sisters have to share about their Sisterhood journey!

Q: How are you able to provide such a uniquely individualized experience for each Sister?

A: Because The Sisterhood is limited to a select group of women and this process creates results quickly, I can provide each Sister with her own unique embodied path for her journey.

I have coached Sisters who have invested 20+ years in their personal development (and some that even coach as well) and Sisters who are just starting their personal growth journey – and the transformation has been beautiful for every one of them.

>> Experience Shawna, Kristen, and Molly's Sisterhood journey!

Q: I’m ready to make a change! How will I be supported in my journey?

A: One of the most significant benefits of The Sisterhood is receiving both individualized coaching and Q&A sessions with me via coaching calls, office hours, and movement classes. You also receive the full support of your sisters and me in the online community!

Q: Why is embodiment work so effective?

A: That's the beauty of embodiment work. We were born embodied! It truly is where one allows an experience (and all the sensations and emotions surrounding it) to be felt fully in the body.

With my advanced training and guidance, you will rewire the brain and nervous system, enabling more empowering beliefs, patterns, and habits to be easily accessible.

Since embodiment uses breath and movement, you can experience the impact immediately without any prior training!

Q: How will this work impact my children?

A: This is such an important factor for so many women! Remember, before today, you probably didn’t even know this was not your fault. You were formed in your grandmother’s womb (since your mother was born with every embryo inside her!). As a result, you carry all the trauma and experiences that have happened to her since she was a little girl!

Not only does this work impact your life, but Sisters have also shared how this has transformed their relationships with their sons and daughters, allowed them to navigate difficult situations together, and most important -- modeled a healthy relationship for them. This work is truly transformational across generations.

Q: What support do I receive beyond our twelve calls together?

A: Once you join the SakredShe Sisterhood, you receive an abundance of support, including our 12 coaching sessions together, monthly women’s circles, movement classes, and more!

Many clients continue to either the SakredShe Sirens (my advanced group for women who genuinely desire to lock in the transformation in their life), 1:1 Coaching (limited space available), or BOTH!

And, women create life-long bonds with their sisters and stay in touch online and in-person as they travel! We just had a gathering of one of my earlier Sisterhoods here in St. Pete, where women traveled from all over the US to join!

It is truly a life-long experience!

Q: I want to work with you, Sandy. Why The Sisterhood over 1:1 coaching with you?

A: Everyone’s journey is unique, and I have Sisters in the Sisterhood, 1:1 Coaching, and sometimes both programs at once. The core of my SakredShe is similar, AND my programs offer their unique benefits, too.

Many choose the Sisterhood because they crave a community of like-minded women to love, encourage, and support them on their journey. They desire to learn from others’ growth and their own and receive the bonus of making some soul connections for life.

If you are looking for a customized program that offers flexibility for meeting times, focus on additional areas (e.g., your business, intimate relationship, blending families), and a desire for personal interaction with me, then 1:1 Coaching would be best for you.

Remember, in our feminine, we desire MORE! If you genuinely feel called to do both programs at once, and I feel this is best for you, I offer an incredible discount so you can experience both.

Q: Is there a payment plan?

A: Yes! I offer 3 and 6 month payment plans allowing a convenient way to pay, as well as my best offer available via the pay in full option.

I also recognize everyone’s financial situation is unique, and John & I share a belief in giving back from our blessings. I offer a scholarship (with a minimal energetic monetary exchange) for every Sisterhood. If you feel this is the best route for you, you can click here to apply for a SakredShe scholarship.

Q: I’m not currently in a relationship. What benefits will I receive from The Sisterhood?

A: You don’t have to be in partnership or single to benefit from The Sisterhood! The Sisterhood is about elevating your relationship with yourself first, which will elevate the relationship you attract in your future partner or reignite your current relationship. (Yes, it’s true!)

John and I are proud to say that our programs helped restore hundreds of partnerships since 2020. With that said, our programs also assisted some in realizing that their relationships needed to end due to abuse or toxic behavior and held space for them to heal in their grief.

Q: This would be perfect for a friend. Can she join too?

A: Yes! This is an excellent opportunity to share the love, and since you have attended this workshop, you can share this offer with a friend (or two!)

Just share the link above ( with them, have them reserve their interview, and we will meet and ensure this is a beautiful fit for them too.

Q: I have a lot of change in my life right now and need individualized support. Can I be enrolled in both The Sisterhood and 1:1 Coaching?

A: Yes, you can! I have many women who have done just this – either by being a 1:1 client first, after the sisterhood, or both at the same time!

If you feel this option is best for you, reserve your seat today, and we will discuss what experience would work best for you. And yes, I offer special pricing if you want to do both at once.

And remember! You receive both movement classes and office hours as either a 1:1 Client or in the Sisterhood, allowing you more individualized engagement and coaching opportunities.

Q: What are the dates of the live calls?

A: My SakredShe program has expanded internationally, and we often have Sisters joining us from around the globe and multiple time zones.

Since we often have multiple time zones represented and best support every Sister, I determine which dates and times work best for everyone. As calls are recorded, it allows for you to occasionally miss a live call and watch it on replay. Simply notify me at least 24 hours before the call (or as soon as you know) so I can address any topics or questions you have during the recording.

Q: I want to join! But what happens if I can’t make the scheduled calls?

A: I love your desire and ownership in your growth!

If you can’t make a particular call, every call is available to watch on your schedule. (This is also fantastic if you want to repeat or reflect on a particular practice in the future – even after the course has been completed.)

You will have your schedule for the year to plan accordingly, but we know that emergencies happen from time to time.

Q: Do you offer refunds? And have you ever had to provide one given this value?

A: When someone commits to their personal growth journey, I take that seriously. If a Sister completes the course and has “played full out” (meaning she has attended the LIVE calls or watched the replays within 48 hours), done the practices and homework, shown up on the community page offering and receiving support, and maintained a coachable attitude, I will offer a refund.

Honestly, in all my years of coaching, I have not had a Sister request a refund because they have received so much value from my SakredShe programs.

Q: How long will I have access to the program content?

A: You may access your call recordings at any time during or after the program. Our private Facebook community group (unique to each Sisterhood) is also available after the program to review your practices, assignments, and even your video journals to reflect on your journey!

John and I continually update and develop our online resource libraries, so access is limited to current students only. I offer several options to continue access after the program is complete.

And, because we practice embodiment, you will retain the memories of your growth and journey forever.

Q: Do you offer discounts for SakredShe alumni?

A: Yes! If you’ve already taken a SakredShe program, I offer discounts on additional coaching programs, events, and other activities. Many Sisters love the Sisterhood so much that they retake it! Watch your inbox for details on all of my Sakred offerings as they arise.

Q: What if I have a personal question during the course – and don’t want to bring it to the group?

A: Ah, my love, you will have a LOT of personal questions during the course – and you may not be comfortable at first bringing them to the group. Yet, the beauty of The Sisterhood is Sisters who see, love, and support you in a judgment, guilt, and shame-free space! A crucial part of all my SakredShe programs is confidentiality. Everything that occurs – during a group call, office hours, or even movement class – is kept within the loving container of The Sisterhood.

We have had Sisters share their deepest pains, most heartfelt desires, family issues, divorce, affairs, and more. They have been seen, heard, felt, and safe the entire time and often find their own story resonates with other Sisters to help them feel and heal!

That said, I also have clients who still feel the most comfortable with 1:1 coaching given the publicity around their name or simply due to timing.

If you’re unsure what approach is best for you, let’s have a conversation, and we’ll determine the best path forward.

Q: You mention that you use intuitive energy healing. Do you offer these sessions if I want additional support?

A: I love your desire to add value to your healing journey out the gate! I’ve found many clients prefer to book energetic healing before the course even starts to get a leg up on their journey. This healing practice can also extend to other family members as well, and I offer a discount to all SakredShe clients (and their families).

>> Click here to schedule your intuitive healing session

And don’t forget – once you enroll in a SakredShe program, check your resource page for $50 off your session!

Q: I’m in! What happens next?

A: Once you enroll, you get immediate access to the online pre-work, movement classes, and office hours! And you'll receive an email within minutes that guides you into the container each step of the way. You are held, seen, and supported from the first moment you join through and beyond your Sisterhood journey.

But act soon. Because of the unique nature of The Sisterhood, we begin and continue our journey together as Sisters. Once I close the doors – the doors are closed until the next Sisterhood opens.